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How to Stay Connected with University Friends Over the Summer

While the summer is great for catching up with old friends and spending time with family, you’ll likely start to miss the people you spend time with every day. In fact, the summer break can mean a long time apart from your university friends. Although four years may seem like a lot when you start university, it soon becomes clear that the time you have with these friends is limited, which makes spending the summer away from them that much harder — particularly if some of them will graduate before you. The good news is there are several ways you can stay connected. Read more >

4 Tips for a Healthy Summer Break

There are many ways you could relax over the summer break, but it’s best if you choose healthy options. You’ll see the benefit for far longer when you take your health into consideration, which means you’re less likely to become stressed again when university starts back up. To enjoy a healthy summer break, there are a few things you need to do. Read more >

When to Start Looking for Housing for Next Semester

Searching for housing ahead of time will help you secure an apartment you love and may even stop you being stuck with an unfavorable room far from campus at a rent that’s much too expensive. Beginning your search early can also be useful for coordinating with potential roommates. But when exactly do you need to start looking? Here are some tips to guide you. Read more >

How to Say Thank You to Your Best Professors

At university, you’ll likely have all kinds of professors: mediocre, good, and great. The best professors go beyond simply teaching you the material you need for your class by providing you with extra support, sharing expert knowledge, or finding ways to bring alive the things you’re learning. Whenever you’re lucky enough to have a great professor, you should consider expressing your gratitude once the class is over. The best way to do this is to send a thank-you letter — here are some tips to guide you. Read more >

Pros & Cons of Night Classes at College

There are many reasons you might want to take night classes at college. For one, it allows you to earn academic credits while working at a pace that's easy for you. But did you know that night classes come with many pros and cons? Let's have a look! Read more >