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How to Stay Connected with University Friends Over the Summer

June 30, 2022

Here are a few to consider.

Hold Regular Zoom Happy Hours

Set up a regular time each week for all your university friends to hang out online at Zoom happy hour. This is a great way to stay in touch and catch up with everything going on at your summer jobs, at your internships, and in your lives in general. You could even use the opportunity to introduce each other to high school friends and family members.

Stream the Same Series

If it’s too difficult to chat on a weekly basis due to busy schedules and commitments over the summer, the next best thing is to stay connected over group chat. To keep the conversation flowing, you could all agree to start streaming the same series. Give everyone a certain amount of time to watch each episode and then discuss what you thought of it.

Attend Concerts Together

If many of your university friends like the same kind of music, a great option for a summer trip is to attend a concert or festival. Find a couple concerts in different parts of the country, perhaps near where some of your friends live. This can also be a good opportunity to see where some of your friends grew up or to give friends a tour of your hometown.

Organize a Camping Trip

Another way for you to all meet up over the summer is to organize a camping trip. Start planning your trip near the beginning of the summer to ensure everyone has the chance to request time off work and make other arrangements. Search for a destination that’s not too difficult for everyone to reach — near a lake, a waterfall, or another place of natural beauty is ideal. By camping instead of booking accommodations, the trip should be inexpensive.

When you’re back at university, make sure you enjoy every moment you get to spend with friends before it’s all over and you go your separate ways. The ideal is to live somewhere you can host get-togethers and easily reach all the events taking place. This is possible when you live at Regent Student Living. Our Brock University residence is located downtown with easy access to campus. You’ll receive a spacious suite, fully-furnished with a couch, barstools, a smart TV, and stainless steel appliances. As well as entertaining in your suite, you can request to share with friends to spend even more time together. Book a tour to see the facilities for yourself.

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