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High School Habits to Leave Behind for University

September 23, 2022

1. Preparing for Tests the Night Before

Not only do you need plenty of time to prepare for tests, you should be studying to remind yourself of the material you’ve already covered — not learning the information for the first time. For these reasons, you need to study on a regular basis. Keep up with your readings, look over your notes, and discuss ideas with other students to ensure you fully understand and will be able to demonstrate your knowledge in an exam.

2. Missing a Deadline

Your professors at university are unlikely to be sympathetic if you miss a deadline. If you let professors know in advance that you’ll have problems meeting the due date, some may be lenient. However, since you’ll typically have several weeks to complete an assignment, excuses like your computer crashed at the last minute won’t fly. If you fail to hand in an assignment on time, you’ll usually receive a failing grade.

3. Being a Jokester in Class

Students attend high school because they have to, but students attend university because they want to continue their education. You’re much more likely to be popular if you show respect to your professors than if you joke around. Besides, developing connections with your professors can be valuable later — for internships, research opportunities, and even finding a job after you graduate.

4. Rushing to Class

At university, the way you present yourself is important: it’s time to start developing a professional image. Waking up at the last minute and rushing to class makes this impossible. You could even end up arriving late, which is embarrassing and disruptive to the class. Plus, if you rush to class, you’re much more likely to forget something — and you don’t want to be known as the student who always needs to borrow a pen or ask for paper from a classmate.

5. Staying Up Late Every Night

It’s always a bad idea to stay up late when you have an early morning class the next day. You’ll be unable to focus, which is a waste of your education. In fact, you should even stick to a bedtime when you have an afternoon class, as you need to be spending the majority of every weekday studying.

6. Avoiding Extracurriculars

Whereas extracurriculars may have been boring in high school, belonging to clubs, organizations, or sports teams is a big part of university. Whatever your interests, there’s definitely something for you. It’s even worth trying activities you’re unsure you’ll like, as you could end up discovering a new talent you never knew you had.

7. Neglecting to Clean Your Space

You parents may have needed to tell you to clean your room when you were still living in their home. As you won’t have anyone telling you now, you’ll need to develop some self-discipline. Otherwise, your apartment will soon become unhygienic and you’ll undoubtedly have conflict with your roommates, who will be upset that you’re not pulling your weight.

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