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5 Tips for Acing Tests at University

For some university students, consistently acing tests or exams may seem impossible. Studying in itself can be arduous, and just the suggestion of a test may spur anxiety. Yet, tests are inevitable aspects of university, and the sooner you embrace that fact, the better you can perform in your classes. Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can use to become a better test-taker and score your best. Read more >

How to Eat Well as a Student

For college and university students, healthy meals can be few and far between. Finding the time and space to cook can be challenging, not to mention costly. Thus, many students eat dining hall meals, dine out, or purchase cheap yet nutritionally poor foods. Fortunately, there are a few simple strategies you can use to eat well, even when you’re a student. Explore some of the most practical options below. Read more >

Tips for Writing Strong Essays

Writing essays is something all college and university students have to do, even though most dread it. Whether the writing is for a class or a contest to win money for tuition, the task can be overwhelming — especially for longer essays. Follow these simple tips to produce polished, strong pieces of writing that convey your point with clarity and conviction. Read more >

6 Ways to Save Money While Living Off Campus

Living off campus when you’re in college or university can be challenging, as there can be many expenses involved in setting up your new living space. Yet, despite all of the complexities and financial considerations that come with living off campus, you can still find ways to save. Here are six tips to help you minimize your spending. Read more >

Fun and Affordable Hobbies for Students

In college and university, you can be so busy with academics that it can feel like you have little time for anything else. Maintaining such a packed schedule can leave you feeling overwhelmed and mentally drained. If you’re not sure where to start or which hobby may be right for you, explore some popular options below. Read more >