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7 Things to Do During Your First Week at University

July 15, 2022

1. Meet New People

You’ll feel less alone if you recognize some of the faces you see around campus. Since almost everyone you meet will be in the same situation as you, they’ll be willing to strike up a conversation. Remember that the more people you talk to, the faster you’ll find a group of friends.

2. Attend Events on Campus

A key way to meet people is by attending events. In addition, events are great for helping your surroundings become familiar, showing you what’s on offer around campus, and introducing you to student organizations you may like to join. Besides, there’s often free food, meaning that’s one meal you won’t need to worry about!

3. Explore Campus

It’s also worth exploring campus yourself. Take a roommate or new friend with you to see what you can find. You may discover hangout spots, places to study in peace, and options for tasty food when you have no time to cook. Best of all, you can start developing an internal map of campus, which will mean you avoid getting lost when classes start.

4. Learn About Student Resources

Find out where you’ll need to go if you want to drop a class, request a tutor, or receive career advice. You should also locate places like the health centre, student union, and financial aid office.

5. Decorate Your Apartment

Turn your apartment into your new home by decorating it in your personal style. For instance, you could print out some photos of family and friends to frame, hang some fairy lights, and turn your desk into a space where you’ll feel motivated to do some serious studying. The likelihood is you won’t finish decorating your apartment in the first week (in fact, it’s often an ongoing process), but it’s a good idea to do a few things this early to help you feel at home.

6. Set Ground Rules with Your Roommates

A less fun, but definitely essential, thing to do during your first week is have a conversation with your roommates about rules for your apartment. Discuss your preferences for having guests over, opinions about sharing food, what times you want the apartment quiet for studying, and standards for cleanliness. It’s also worth making a cleaning schedule.

7. Acquire Your Textbooks

Find out what textbooks you’ll need by checking the class syllabus or reaching out to your professors. To save money, see if you can rent books or purchase them second hand.

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