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High School Habits to Leave Behind for University

You may have been able to make it through high school (and even succeed) while putting in a minimal amount of effort. Perhaps you were able to receive passing grades for tests without doing any preparation, you left all your assignments to the last minute, and you generally didn’t put as much effort into studies as you could have. Unfortunately, this won’t cut it at university: there are certain habits you need to leave behind if you want to graduate with a degree and make the most of the student experience. Here are a few to ditch before your first semester. Read more >

5 Qualities to Look For in Off-Campus Housing

Living off campus is a great decision for most students, as it provides you with more freedom and privacy but costs less than living in residence. However, it’s important to choose the right housing for you. With so many possible options, this can seem overwhelming, but there are ways to narrow down to just the best apartments. Read more >

6 Ways College Changes You

You’ll gain far more than just a credential by attending college. In fact, college can change you as a person in multiple ways. Here are just a few of the most noteworthy changes you can expect. Read more >

7 Things to Do During Your First Week at University

With so much going on during your first week of university, you may feel overwhelmed. It can help to make a list of everything you want to do. Make sure to include the following. Read more >

How to Stay Connected with University Friends Over the Summer

While the summer is great for catching up with old friends and spending time with family, you’ll likely start to miss the people you spend time with every day. In fact, the summer break can mean a long time apart from your university friends. Although four years may seem like a lot when you start university, it soon becomes clear that the time you have with these friends is limited, which makes spending the summer away from them that much harder — particularly if some of them will graduate before you. The good news is there are several ways you can stay connected. Read more >