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How to Save Money Between Semesters

Breaks between semesters are your chance to recover from classes, take time to relax, and catch up with friends. When you have less to do, it can be tempting to spend a little extra. However, it’s much better to use this time to find ways to earn and save money to pay for your necessities when you return to university. There are several ways you can do this. Read more >

7 Cheap & Easy Alternatives to Fast Food for Students

Many students turn to fast food for the convenience factor and fair price. The problem with fast food is it’s unhealthy, meaning you may gain weight, suffer from low energy levels, and experience other health issues. The good news is there are many alternatives to fast food you can easily prepare yourself for a low cost. Read more >

7 Ways to Make Your Student Apartment Cozier

Moving into a student apartment is exciting — it’s your chance to create a new home that reflects your personality. When decorating, it’s important to make your apartment cozy. This will mean you have somewhere you look forward to returning to after a long day and where you can enjoy hanging out in your free time. Read more >

How to Prioritize Wellness in the New Year

When you’re a university student, it can often feel like your academics need to be your priority. At the same time, though, you’re juggling a social life, extracurriculars, perhaps work or an internship, and other responsibilities. Although all these are important, your health needs to come above everything else. By prioritizing wellness, you’ll avoid stress and illness that could make it difficult for you to keep up with your other commitments. Read more >

How to Overcome Ageism as You Start Your Career

Ageism can affect young people just entering a professional career as well as older jobseekers, despite the law prohibiting discrimination against candidates because of their age. Whether you’re concerned that you’ll struggle to find a job straight out of university because you’re young or you’re returning to education later in life for a career change, there are a few things you can do to stop age from becoming an obstacle. Read more >