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6 Items to Keep Your Student Apartment Organized

August 26, 2023

1. Wall Caddies

Gain more storage space by hanging wall caddies. These are ideal for small items you have near your desk, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and in many other spots around your apartment. Just make sure you choose a design that doesn’t require piercing the wall, as you’ll risk your security deposit. Something with an adhesive back is ideal.

2. Adhesive Hooks

For larger items like backpacks and jackets, a hook on the wall is perfect — this will stop you dumping stuff by the door or around your room to deal with later. Smaller hooks are also perfect for hanging things like jewelry, cleaning supplies, and reusable grocery bags. Make sure you choose a hook that will support the weight of the object you want to use it for. Plus, check out different options to find a design that will enhance the aesthetics of the room.

3. Wall Clips

A staple of every student apartment is fairy lights. However, if you don’t secure them well, they can fall to the floor and make a mess. Use adhesive wall clips to position your lights just as you want them. This will also allow you to intersperse fairy lights with other things, such as photos and seasonal decorations.

4. Cord Organizers

If you have more than just a couple cables, you know how easily they can tangle together. This can be frustrating when you need to grab chargers before you head out for a day of classes. The solution is to use cord organizers. These allow you to keep your cords separated and secured where you need them, whether that’s attached to your desk or to the wall.

5. A Whiteboard

Being organized is about more than just keeping items where they belong: you also need to make sure you’re aware of upcoming due dates, appointments, and commitments. A whiteboard allows you to write notes to yourself where you’ll be sure to notice them. You can attach one to the wall above your desk with an adhesive hook or hanging strips.

6. Entryway Organizer

In addition to your own whiteboard, you may like to have an entryway organizer to exchange notes with your roommates. You can use it for everything from letting each other know if you’ll be away for the weekend to leaving inspirational messages to brighten each other’s days.

Even all the above items won’t keep you organized if you share a tiny dorm room with another student. An alternative to Brock University residence is Regent. You’ll have your own room with plenty of space and storage in a fully-furnished apartment. Other aspects of your life will also be less complicated. For instance, rent is all inclusive — covering utilities, WiFi, and gym access — and our electronic locking system means you don’t need to deal with keys. Apply now to move in before next semester.

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