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How to Use Social Media to Build a Career

August 22, 2023

1. Choose a Niche You’re Passionate About

The topic you create content on needs to be niche. If you target too broad an audience, you’ll face too much competition from established content creators.

You then need to stick firmly to your niche. If you change direction, your current followers will become uninterested in your channel. In addition, the social media platforms won’t show your content to a different audience due to the way algorithms work: they determine which new users see your content based on the characteristics of the audience that currently engages with your content.

There will be times when you love creating content — and also times when it frustrates you. To push through the hard times, you need to feel passionate about your niche. In addition to being something you never find boring, it should be a topic you understand deeply and are willing to research to learn more about.

2. Have a Posting Schedule

There may be times when you’re struck with inspiration and make several pieces of content at once. On other occasions, though, you may have no ideas or motivation. To ensure you keep posting regularly no matter how you feel, create a schedule. Hold back on posting some of the content you create when you’re feeling inspired for when you’re not producing anything new. This will mean your channel always has something to offer your audience.

In addition, write down any ideas you have for future content to avoid forgetting them. Dedicate time to checking out what kinds of things other people are posting in related niches as well as using what was successful for you in the past to guide future pieces.

3. Stick with It

Even if you do everything right, you may not see results for a while. The only way to gain a loyal following and become successful is to keep going. Focus on making content for the enjoyment of the process. Remember, just like with any other job, building a career on social media takes time.

4. Balance Content Creation with Other Commitments

As a student, your classes need to come first. However, this doesn’t mean you should ever be too busy to neglect your content creation entirely — you simply need to organize your time better. Use a planner to determine when you have time available, such as when you won’t have any assignments due and you have few social engagements. Make a note of how you’ll use your free time. For instance, brief gaps in your day could be ideal for small tasks like taking photos and fine-tuning copy.

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