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Your Complete Packing List for Winter Break

December 1, 2023

1. Enough Clothes

There’s no need to pack all your clothes, but you do need to make sure you bring enough. Think of all the activities you’ll be doing over winter break, including going out with friends, having a special meal with your family, and, of course, lounging around the house. You should also bring some workout clothes to be able to continue exercising during winter break.

If your hometown is farther north than where you are now, bear in mind that you may need extra cold-weather clothing, such as a couple scarves, some gloves, and a warm jacket. It’s worth wearing your winter boots and thickest socks on your journey home to free up more space in your bags for your other belongings.

Finally, pack at least one piece of college apparel to show off what school you go to when you’re back home. This could be inspiring to your younger friends, siblings, or cousins.

2. Personal Care Essentials

Run through your morning and evening routines in your head to remind yourself of all the personal care items you need. You may be able to borrow some products from family members (such as toothpaste and shampoo), but don’t run any risks.

3. A Cozy Blanket

If you have a favourite blanket that’s always on your bed or wrapped around you when you’re on the couch, make sure to pack it to feel comfortable when you’re back home. This is definitely essential if you’ll be taking a long plane ride.

4. Electronic Devices with Chargers

Bring your laptop, tablet, or whatever you use to do schoolwork. If you have some downtime over your break, you may be able to get a head start on your assignments. Alternatively, you may just want to use your devices for entertainment when you have nothing else to do. Don’t forget to also pack chargers — otherwise, your devices will be taking up space in your luggage for no reason.

5. Presents for Family and Friends

If you have the chance while you’re still at college, it’s worth starting your holiday shopping to avoid a last-minute rush. In addition to your packing list, create a second list with the names of all the people you need to purchase gifts for along with some possible ideas.

6. Some Books

Over the holidays, you’ll finally have time to read for pleasure. Bring a couple books you’ve been meaning to read. Settling down with a good book is a great use of your time because it will keep your mind active, making it easier for you to get back into your study routine next semester.

7. A Journal

Another activity that’s ideal for winter break is journaling. This is something else that will keep you thinking, but it will put your writing rather than reading skills to practice. Use the opportunity to reflect on the semester you’ve just finished and your goals for the future.

8. A Travel Mug

You likely have a travel mug to take a hot beverage with you to your morning classes. Add this to your packing list to bring a coffee, tea, or hot cocoa with you when you’re heading to morning commitments over winter break, such as meeting up with friends or heading to a holiday job.

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