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What’s In & What’s Out for Job Seeking in 2024?

April 7, 2024

1. Applying Blind Is Out

You may feel like you’ll increase your chances of landing a job if you apply for as many positions as possible. However, this will increase the chance that hiring managers ghost you, which will likely lead you to feel burned out. A better use of your time is to pick jobs you’re interested in and spend time crafting compelling cover letters.

2. Focusing on a Career Is In

Before applying for jobs, think about how they relate to your career. The jobs you apply for should lead you closer to meeting your professional and personal goals. You may not necessarily work at your ideal job immediately, but the job should help you develop the skills you need, gain more connections, and find out more about opportunities in the field.

3. Networking Is In

It’s never too early to start networking. As well as job opportunities, the contacts you make now may lead you to internship possibilities you would never have found otherwise. Plus, connecting with people in your field will give you the chance to find out what’s happening at the moment and what everyone’s talking about.

4. Fully Remote Jobs Are Out

Although working from home may seem perfect, this has some major downsides for new grads. In particular, it makes it more difficult to develop connections with other people at the company, which could hurt your chances for other opportunities in the future. If you want flexibility, it may be better to look for a hybrid position.

5. Standing Out Is In

It’s important to let employers know how you’re unique. Personal branding through your LinkedIn profile and other places online will allow you to tell your story, express your values, and show how you’re different from other candidates.

6. Mentorship Is In

Take advantage of the free time you have while you’re still at university to search for a mentor who can help you prepare for life after graduation. In addition to going through mentorship programs, you may be able to find mentors by talking to faculty members you have a connection with, reaching out to people on LinkedIn, and asking the career center on campus for resources.

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