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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Affordable Student Housing

February 5, 2024

1. Look Off Campus

Many students move into dorms when they start university because they feel like this is the simplest option. However, student residence tends to be more expensive than living off campus: not only is the rent higher, students usually need to purchase a meal plan, which is more expensive than preparing meals yourself.

2. Share with a Roommate

Living off campus doesn’t mean you need to lease an entire apartment yourself — that would likely be out of your budget if you’re looking for an affordable option. Instead, ask your friends if they’d like to be your roommates, search online to find other students who are looking to share accommodation, or consider places like off-campus student housing, where you’ll share a suite but will receive a lease for just your room.

3. Visit in Person

Virtual tours are a great way to check out if a particular apartment is worth considering. However, before you sign a lease, it’s always worth visiting in person. If you already attend university, this should be easy. If you’re starting school in the fall, make time to pay potential apartments a visit — perhaps when you’re taking a tour of your university or visiting for another reason. Make sure you spend time exploring the neighbourhood as well, since it’s important you feel safe and comfortable in the area.

4. Start Your Search Early

All the other students attending your university will be looking for the same kind of housing as you. The affordable options near campus with top features like furnishings, a gym, and en suite bathrooms are sure to be snapped up fast. Start searching several months before you move in to maximize your choice and ensure you find a place you love. This could even mean you won’t need to move again during your entire time at university.

5. Ask Your University for Recommendations

If you’re unsure where to find affordable accommodation, ask your university. It’s likely that your school has a list of off-campus housing nearby. You may even be able to request just options within your price range or with the amenities you’re looking for.

An alternative to Brock University residence is Regent. The apartments are fully furnished and all inclusive, meaning you won’t need to budget extra for furniture or utilities. Plus, since we can match you with roommates, you can move in from your first year of university (although if you do have friends whom you want to be your roommates, you can request to share a unit with them). We have suites available with three to five bedrooms (including some en suite rooms), allowing you to choose an option that suits your budget and preferences. Book your tour today to see the facilities before you move in.

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