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7 Areas to Visit on a Campus Tour

March 17, 2024

1. Facilities Related to Your Major

Since most of the time you spend on campus will be in classrooms, labs, and other facilities related to your major, make sure you explore these areas fully. If classes are taking place during your visit, ask if you can drop in. It’s better still if you can watch both a lecture and a seminar to gain a better idea of how the professors teach, see any technology in action, and find out what are the typical class sizes.

2. Places Where You’ll Spend Your Leisure Time

Of course, college is about much more than just classes. Think about what other activities you’ll want to participate in during college and visit the facilities related to these. For instance, you may want to check out the theater, sports facilities, lounge areas, music practice rooms, and spaces for organizations like the campus newspaper.

3. The Dining Hall

Even if you intend to prepare many of your own meals, you’ll definitely be eating on campus at times. Plus, the dining hall is a great place to spend your break between classes with friends. Find out what food there is on offer and what the environment is like.

4. The Career Centre

You may not be thinking much about your future when you start college, but career planning will become increasingly important as you near your graduation date. The campus career center will be a valuable resource, providing you with support searching for jobs, improving your resume, and preparing for interviews. In fact, as well as before you graduate, you’ll be able to use these services as soon as you start college to find a part-time job and in later years when you want a summer internship.

5. Libraries

There’s much more to the libraries on campus than the books they hold. Students often use libraries as places to study — such as when they need a change of scenery, they don’t have enough time to go home, or they’re studying in a group. Campus libraries are also a place to seek support from librarians, take advantage of other resources, or just have a comfortable place to read when you have nothing else to do.

6. Health Facilities

Many students find college stressful at times. If you’ve struggled with your mental health in the past, health facilities like the counseling center could be critical. Visit them to gain an idea of the college’s approach to mental health and for more information about the health services the school provides to students.

7. Outdoor Spaces

Spend time wandering around outdoor areas of campus. When the weather is pleasant, you may enjoy sitting outside to study or socialize. In particular, search for unique places, such as statues, plaques, interesting architecture, and other things that show off the school’s character.

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