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10 Ideas for a Fun Night In

February 5, 2024

1. Paint Night

For the artistically minded, nothing is more enjoyable than a paint night. Pick a scene to replicate, choose an object to paint, or ask everyone to paint something related to the same theme. It will be interesting to see how you all come up with completely different ideas.

2. Cook a Meal or Bake Some Treats

If you want to spend time alone, put your cooking skills to the test by trying a new recipe — you may like to share the results with your roommates. If you want to involve your friends, you could ask everyone to bring a few ingredients each to bake treats together. Alternatively, you could hold a competition to see who can produce the best dish and try everything at a potluck dinner.

3. Movie Night

The student experience just isn’t complete without an occasional movie night with friends. Pick a theme to have a movie marathon or vote on choices beforehand to make sure you find something everyone is interested in watching to avoid hours of indecision. Make your living room as comfortable as possible with plenty of blankets, pillows, and snacks.

4. Read for Pleasure

With so much reading to do for your classes, you may have forgotten what it’s like to read for pleasure. Dedicate an evening to finding a new book you can get stuck on. You’ll then have an activity that’s good for your brain and that means you still feel productive whenever you need a break from studying.

5. Board Game Night

It’s likely at least some of your friends have a few board games. However, if none of you do, you can always purchase some without spending too much. You’ll almost certainly find some that you never tire of playing — you could even turn board game night into a regular thing.

6. Spa Evening

An option that works well with just a couple friends, a large group, or even you alone is a spa evening. Use commercial facial products or make your own using simple ingredients you can buy from the grocery store. You could also give yourself or each other manicures.

7. Work Out

You may not be in the mood to work out if you’re feeling lazy (especially if the weather is cold), but nothing is better for energizing you. You can find plenty of workout videos online to do in your bedroom with no equipment. Once you’re finished, you’ll definitely be glad you chose to exercise.

8. Redecorate Your Apartment

When your apartment lacks holiday decorations, it can look dull. Think of how you can refresh your space for the season or even come up with a more permanent theme.

9. Swap Clothes

If you live in a building with just students, an ideal activity for an evening in is a clothing swap. Let everyone know with enough notice to ensure they’re able to gather up all the clothes they no longer want. Use a spot in a common area of your building to display everything, letting everyone exchange items according to whatever rules you set.

10. Video Call a Hometown Friend

A night in is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with someone far away, such as a friend from your hometown. You could even organize a video call with a group of friends.

You’ll have more fun during a night in if you have plenty of space to entertain or a private bedroom where you can be on your own. Whereas you won’t have this living on campus, you will with an off-campus apartment. For St Catharines student housing, look no further than Regent, where you’ll have your own room in a fully-furnished suite. You can relax in your bedroom, hang out in your living room or the community room, or do some cooking in your stainless kitchen. Set up a tour today.

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