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When to Start Looking for Housing for Next Semester

June 1, 2022

1. Research the Leasing Seasons

Depending on the city, you may not be able to start a lease at any time of the year. Many landlords only rent to university students starting in September, but others also allow you to start your lease in May. Bear in mind that some apartment buildings even have waiting lists. This means that if you take too long to apply, you may need to live on campus for as much as a year, moving in only when the current students finish university or change to different accommodation.

2. Start Viewings a Couple Months in Advance

One or two months before you want to move in, schedule a visit to the apartments you’re interested in. Create a shortlist of your top three options and contact the landlords to check their availability.

3. Request Remote Viewings

If you’re currently too far away from the university you’ll be attending for in-person visits, it’s still worth viewing some apartments in advance. Many buildings now allow prospective renters the chance to view the living spaces and onsite amenities through remote tours. This could be a video tour or a virtual tour that allows you to navigate around the building.

Such tours can be a great alternative to an in-person viewing or they can help you assess your options while you’re still considering several apartments.

4. Get Everyone on Board

If you have some roommates in mind, make sure you all view the apartments together. Agreeing to a lease without all your roommates present is a recipe for disaster. If someone is unhappy with the choice, can’t afford it, or just decides to share with another group, you’ll have an extra room you need to fill. Make sure everyone you want to live with is fully on board before you come up with your final list of roommates.

5. Consider Renting Alone

It can be complicated to coordinate your housing with many people, which is why many students decide to rent a room on their own instead. This also means you’ll be able to start searching as soon as you like — without needing to rely on anyone else. The best option of all is to find student accommodation, as this will mean you still have other students as roommates.

The good news is there’s no need to look any further for rooms for rent — St. Catharines students can choose from three different floor plans at Regent Students Living. The apartments are fully furnished and the rent is all inclusive. You’ll be able to stay a full 12 months, starting in either May or September, and it’s easy to renew your lease to stay for the entire time you’ll be at university. Set up a tour today.

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