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Tips to Make Moving Out for the First Time a Stress-Free Experience

July 24, 2018

While moving out can be an exciting experience for most young people, the excitement is often trumped by the harsh realities of moving. It can be stressful, frustrating, confusing, and in some cases, complicated. Plus, if you’ve never moved before, the challenges of leaving home for the first time are only compounded.

Check out the following tips and tricks that will help make your move easier:

Create a Plan and a To-Do List

It’s simple: a to-do list helps you get things done. During a move, this list can help you become or remain organized, layout all the things you need to do and help reduce stress and confusion. To make things even easier, pair this to-do list with a plan. Consider this a guide that will tell you when and how to complete certain tasks, whereas a to-do list is a simplified list of these tasks. The tasks in your plan should be completed in order and scratched off the to-do list as you complete them. Creating a to-do list and a plan should be the first step in the moving process, and make sure your list includes all the essential items, such as:

  • Arranging a mover or someone to help you move your things
  • Asking friends and/or family to help with packing, moving boxes, etc.
  • Cleaning your room
  • Organizing your belongings
  • Organizing and moving some things to storage (if applicable)
  • Obtaining packing supplies and other essentials
  • Sorting and packing
  • Labelling and moving your boxes to an accessible area
  • Moving the boxes to the moving van

Decide Where You Want to Live

People often assume that freshmen will live in on-campus student housing, but this doesn’t mean you can’t choose where you want to live. Of course, this is a choice that should be made well before the summer prior to your freshman year. If you’re not attending college or university in a different town or city, you could live at home. You could also live with friends in off-campus university housing or, of course, in a student residence. Where you live will determine what you bring and what you leave behind. Colleges and universities provide many items to their students, so if you decide to live on campus, you won’t need to bring much in the way of furniture, just personal belonging. Alternatively, if you want to enjoy the freedom of living off-campus, you could choose to live in a place like Regent Student Living, where furnished suites help minimize the number of items you will need to bring with you.

Pack Wisely

Packing can be time-consuming and frustrating even for the most seasoned movers. But, despite its drawbacks, packing is a necessity and something that can be made easier with some planning and organization. In fact, planning and organizing are a must-do as packing is a process that should be completed in steps. Some tips that could make the process easier, include:

  • Throw away and donate unwanted items
  • Label all boxes, including those for storage
  • Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap
  • Pack your belongings in large boxes (preferably with handles) and seal them with packing tape
  • Avoid packing items in plastic bags
  • If possible, pack your electronics in their original boxes or in anti-static materials and boxes
  • Leave behind items the school already provides
  • Pack non-essentials and difficult items, areas or rooms first
  • Leave unnecessary or seasonal clothing
  • Categorize clothing (e.g. t-shirts, trousers, jackets, etc.) and place them into respective boxes or storage bins. Packing clothing into storage bins could save time and space.

Explore Your New Home or Neighbourhood

If you can, take a tour of your new place and neighbourhood. Get acquainted with your room or apartment, as well as the housing facility. The more you know about your new place, the easier it will be to navigate and find any services you will need. For example, you could search for internet hot spots, check out the amenities and look for entertainment venues, restaurants, transit and more in the area. If you’re moving off-campus, you should also take photos to document the condition of your new apartment. This will prevent any future charges for damage that you didn’t cause.

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