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How to Prioritize Wellness in the New Year

February 18, 2023

Here are several easy fixes you can use to ensure you focus on your health every day.

1. Spend Time in the Sun

If you have many classes during the day and you use your breaks for studying, you may only spend time in the sun when you’re moving from one place to another. Put in the effort to take a proper break outdoors, especially during the winter when the hours of sunlight are limited. For example, you could do your daily workout outdoors or go for a stroll.

Sunlight has an impact on your health in multiple ways. It’s key to ensuring you meet your daily vitamin D requirement, which is crucial for bone health and a strong immune system. It also boosts your levels of serotonin — a chemical that influences your mood, memory, and sleep quality. Finally, just exposing your skin to sunlight may lower your blood pressure.

2. Sleep Enough

One of the biggest challenges for university students is sleeping at least six hours a night (although it’s better still to regularly get eight hours of sleep). Unless you have a bedtime and are strict about keeping to it, you’ll most likely find you often lack sleep.

Making time for sleep means becoming better organized. For example, you’ll need to start working on projects long before their due dates and study for tests weeks in advance to avoid needing to pull all-nighters. You should also consider what you have time for in your schedule to avoid too many commitments.

By sleeping enough, you’ll feel capable of taking on any challenge life throws at you. Plus, you’ll improve your memory, perform better academically, and be less likely to become sick.

3. Switch Things Up

Change scenery occasionally by studying somewhere other than your bedroom. For instance, you could go to the campus library, head to your local coffee shop, or use a study room in your student housing. This is a particularly useful tactic when you’re preparing for a difficult exam. Switching up study spots should mean you’re able to recall information better because you relate the material to the novel location.

Another way to prioritize wellness is to move into better student housing. For apartments near Brock University, there’s Regent. You’ll have your own room in a fully-furnished suite with three, four, or five bedrooms. Rent includes all utilities (including high-speed internet), you’ll be able to stay fit by using the onsite gym, and the community room is the ideal place for meeting other students or studying. Check out the facilities now with a virtual tour.

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