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How to Overcome Ageism as You Start Your Career

November 29, 2022

1. Enhance Your Resume

If you can secure an interview, you can show the company why you’re the top choice for the position. To receive an invitation to an interview, you’ll need a resume that makes an impact. Make sure your resume contains all the experience you’ve gained during your time at university, including the relevant projects you’ve completed, classes you’ve taken, and any internships or part-time jobs you worked. For advice on how to present all this information, seek support from the career services at your university.

2. Apply to Jobs with a Great Company Culture

Be selective about which jobs you apply to. It may be tempting to send out as many applications as possible, but this will ultimately be a waste of your time. Research companies to find out what it’s like working for them and whether there are many people your age. Spend time crafting personalized application letters to each job you find interesting.

3. Learn Interview Skills

The career centre at your university can also help you prepare for interviews. For instance, the staff may help you brainstorm questions an interviewer is likely to ask and come up with answers. You should also think of some of your own questions to ask, such as to gain clarification about job duties or company values. This will show you have real interest in the position.

4. Consider If You Want to Accept an Offer

Ageism isn’t just a problem at the interview stage — you also want to avoid working for companies that may treat you poorly because of your age. If you feel uncomfortable about the line of questioning at an interview, it may be best to refuse an offer and keep searching.

5. Have Confidence in Yourself

Interviewing for jobs is a nerve-wracking experience no matter your age. However, your chances of success increase if you believe in yourself. Remind yourself of what makes you the ideal candidate, whether it’s your qualifications, experience, or passion. If you see your dream job advertised, don’t be afraid to apply simply because you’re worried that your age is a barrier — you can’t succeed unless you try.

Another thing to do to strengthen your job applications is increase your GPA while you’re still at university. The best way to do this is to stick to a study schedule and focus on your homework without becoming distracted. Having a quiet room where you’re able to concentrate in peace is a huge help. Students who live at Regent receive their own bedroom, equipped with a desk and chair, in a fully-furnished suite. It’s the ideal alternative to Brock University residence. Book a tour to see our two properties.

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