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How to Network Over Summer Break

May 17, 2024

1. Dedicate Time to Networking Each Week

Set yourself a target to spend a certain amount of time networking each week. Even just half an hour will add up to a significant amount of networking by the end of the summer — and you definitely have at least 30 minutes free each week.

Virtual networking is often the most effective, as you’re able to meet people anywhere in the world. Since virtual networking is likely to be important throughout your career, practising now will help you develop the skills you’ll need later.

One option is to search for virtual networking events, such as for students or for professionals in the field you want to enter. Another is to reach out to people you find online — on LinkedIn, for instance. When reaching out to individuals, express your interest in their work or research, perhaps asking for career advice to follow a similar path yourself.

2. Take a Trip to a New City

If you have an idea of where you’d like to live after you graduate, take a trip to that city. There may be a particular location that’s big for the industry you want to enter. Use the chance to organize a roadtrip with friends or a vacation with your family. Although networking should be secondary to getting to know the area and enjoying your summer break, you should still make sure you spend some time meeting new people, such as by attending local events.

3. Carry Business Cards

You may find that networking opportunities happen when you least expect it. Be prepared by carrying business cards with you whenever you leave the house. Whether you’re at a party or you just strike up a conversation with someone you meet while you’re out and about, it’s useful to be able to give your business card to anyone who may be a useful contact in the future.

If you don’t already have some business cards, creating some needs to be on your summer to-do list. They don’t need to be anything elaborate — just include some basic information about yourself and your LinkedIn profile.

You should also start thinking about how you’ll network when you’re back at college. A useful activity to do over the summer is look for somewhere to live where you’ll have more chances to meet new people. You can find a room for rent near Niagara College in the student community at Regent. In addition to making friends with your roommates, you’ll be able to meet new people in the community room. Book a tour to see the apartments for yourself.

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