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How to Make the Most of Spring Break When You Can’t Travel

February 13, 2020

It’s easy to feel left out when you can’t travel for spring break but all your friends talk about is the trip they have planned. Fortunately, there are still plenty of things you can do to have a great spring break without leaving Ontario – here are just a few ideas to consider.

  1. Catch Up on Your Studies

Spring break is the perfect opportunity to get caught up with your course materials. Whether you have exams soon after break ends or you just want to be sure you’re clear about everything you’ve learned so far, spending the week studying can be extremely valuable.

In fact, even if you’re doing well in all your classes, it can still be useful to study. For instance, you could always skip ahead to get a glimpse of what’s to come.

  1. Pursue Personal Projects

Often, students become so focused on their studies they have no time to work on personal goals or interests. If you’re already excelling in all of your classes, consider taking a break from schoolwork entirely and dedicating some energy to your own projects. Some students use this time to start a blog or begin applying for summer internships, for instance.

  1. Let Your Creative Juices Flow

If you don’t have any pressing personal projects, you can still find a way to practice creativity. This is particularly ideal for students who don’t major in fields that already require creative energy. Make a piece of art, write a piece of fiction, or code something — ultimately, do whatever it is that you enjoy.

  1. Explore the Area

Since moving to the area, how much have you explored? Most students spend the majority of their time on or around campus. Find out what events are taking place in Ontario during spring break, or just visit some of the top sites that you’ve neglected until now.

  1. Pick Up Extra Shifts

If you’re staying put for spring break because of work commitments, make the most of the time you have and pick up some extra shifts. If extra shifts aren’t an option, you might search for odd jobs like tutoring. Even a small amount of added income always helps when you’re a student.

  1. Clean Up Your Room

Do you find you’re always putting off de-cluttering until later due to a lack of time? Now you have no excuse! Use this opportunity to tidy up and get rid of belongings you no longer need. In doing so, you’ll create a more comfortable living space where you can concentrate better.

  1. Write a To-Do List

It’s just as important to organize your mind. A simple way to stay on track is to write down everything you need to do. Make to-do lists for the short term and long term, including ideas for how you can start preparing for a career after you graduate.

  1. Just Relax

You’ve had a busy semester; it’s fine to use your spring break to relax. After all, that’s what your friends who are travelling are doing. Catch up on your favourite series, read books unrelated to what you’re studying, or do anything else that gives you pleasure.

  1. Find Better Housing

If you’re considering a new housing option for the coming semesters, take advantage of the extra time you have to search for better Niagara College student housing.

Leases at Regent Student Living start in May, allowing you to move in right after spring break. Upgrade from your cramped campus dorm to an entire suite, shared with just two to four other students. You’ll also have access to great onsite amenities, like a fitness centre, lounge, study rooms, and underground parking, making college life more convenient and enjoyable than ever.

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