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Fun and Affordable Hobbies for Students

July 30, 2019

In college and university, you can be so busy with academics that it can feel like you have little time for anything else. Maintaining such a packed schedule can leave you feeling overwhelmed and mentally drained. The best way to combat these issues is to set aside some time to destress with fun activities and hobbies that fit your personal interests and time constraints. If you’re not sure where to start or which hobby may be right for you, explore some popular options below.


Generate Social Media Content

Most college students spend significant amounts of time on social media. While this isn’t always time well spent, content creation can make this time more valuable. Generating content can be fun, and in some cases, it can even be profitable on a small scale. All you’ll need is your mobile phone camera. Remember, your fellow students are the best content creators and target audience. To attract and retain your audience, choose content that will be valuable or beneficial to them. For example, other students might be attracted to content related to:

  • Student life
  • Health and lifestyle tips
  • Academic tips or tricks
  • Gaming
  • Recipes
  • Personal hobbies

If you choose the right topic and video or photo-sharing platform, you could build a strong audience base. You could even create content featuring your own hobby. Just remember to keep it personal, and make sure you still have enough time to focus on your studies.


Become an Avid Gamer

Playing games is exciting, fun, and relaxing, especially after a long day of classes. If you already own a PC and/or game console, gaming is also an easy and affordable hobby to start. Today, the internet has taken gaming to a whole new level, and online gaming introduces you to a whole new social world. You might consider joining gamer groups or leagues with other students from your school. Some schools offer school-sponsored gaming tournaments and esports teams, and there are even opportunities to win money. Moreover, gaming friends often become real friends who can help you explore local hot spots or find student housing in St. Catharines.


Serve Your Community

Community service or volunteer work is good for the soul — and the resume. Not to mention, it’s free and a great use of spare time. Volunteering connects you to your school community in a way that no other activity can. When you volunteer, you’ll meet other students, fellow community members, and even potential employers. Of course, having community service on your resume will also impress future employers.

It doesn’t matter if this service comes in the form of collecting donations for charities, serving food at shelters, or working at charity events. As long as you’ve performed the work whole-heartedly, potential employers will be impressed, and you’ll feel more fulfilled. To find volunteer work, join a community organization or check activity boards around campus.


Join a Sports Team

Many different sports are widely available to college students. Playing sports offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Improving physical and mental health
  • Providing various social engagement opportunities
  • Offering the opportunity to forge a connection with your teammates, your school, and other students

Of course, organized sports aren’t the only type of activities available. Recreational or casual sports leagues allow physical activity to truly be enjoyed as a hobby. So, if your schedule is already packed, keep your sports play as casual as possible. Consider checking out your student centre for information on classes, leagues, and other opportunities to get active.

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