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Brush Up on Skills That Your Future Employer will be Looking For

July 26, 2018

Every profession requires a unique set of skills, but many employers are also looking for other, more general skills that a successful job candidate should possess. Unfortunately, many college and university students are unaware of this, and so graduates often create resumes and conduct interviews without this vital information.

Learning and demonstrating these skills before you even apply for a job can and will better your chances of success. Skills that include self-discipline, good communication, strong leadership, organization and excellent teamwork are commonly sought by – and sure to impress – future employers.

Showing Self-Discipline and Taking Initiative

Truthfully, no employer wants an employee who isn’t self-disciplined, a self-starter and able to act or learn on their own. The most appealing employees are those who demonstrate an ability to self-manage, learn new concepts quickly and take control of their time. Once you’re employed, these things are reflected in your productivity, independence and demonstrated abilities. While this skill should be learned in post-secondary, some school environments are too lax to reinforce self-discipline. Demonstrate your ability to take initiative and self-manage by providing examples of how you managed your time during university or college. For example, mention that you successfully completed assignments and studied while also working at a part-time job.

Practicing Effective Communication

Good, effective communication skills are needed in many areas of life. This especially includes the professional environment and career development. Employers want workers who can properly communicate with them, their colleagues and their clients. It’s important to communicate well with these groups because you will likely be sharing information and explaining concepts to them. Strong verbal and written communication that presents concise, structured arguments can make it easier to achieve this. It can also make it easier to convey ideas via presentations and fix issues from possible miscommunication. You can demonstrate your verbal skills during the interview and written skills by presenting past writing assignments or blog posts.

Strong Leadership

Strong leaders often make strong employees. They show initiative, self-discipline, the ability to direct others and are, generally, easy to supervise. Employers are more inclined to hire employees who successfully demonstrate these skills. Leaders are assets to organizations that can help improve their reputations, profit margins and so much more. Employee leaders can also make upper management jobs easier by leading their colleagues and taking on more responsibility, especially as they climb the career ladder. Taking on leadership roles during university is one of the best ways to show this ability to future employers.

Good Organization

Organization skills are needed in many areas. You will need them as a student, an employee, a renter or homeowner and a parent. So, for instance, while living in a student apartment, good organization could help you with cleaning, keeping track of your belongings and even paying your rent and bills. Additionally, it’s essential for academic success. Students who are organized are typically more successful. As an employee, it can help you meet project deadlines, work efficiently and maintain productivity. To illustrate these skills, provide examples of how you managed your time and met project deadlines at university or at a part-time job and/or internship.

Excellent Teamwork

Many businesses and organizations involve a team of people, so most employers are looking for people who are team players. Teamwork will also come in handy when working with clients, as you might need to be flexible, listen well and compromise in certain areas. Showing teamwork abilities to future employers is as simple as emphasizing your group projects at university or college and in former job positions. Explain your role in these groups, as well as how you worked and got along with others.

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