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7 Ways to Make Your Student Apartment Cozier

February 20, 2023

1. Decorate with Photos

You’re far away from old friends and family, but you can bring them to your apartment in photos. Pin pictures to the wall, create a collage, or clip photos along a string. You can add more photos as you progress through university to showcase your new adventures and friends.

2. Soften the Lighting

String lights are a favourite among university students. They’re much less intense than ceiling light, which makes them ideal for relaxing in the evenings. You can also use them to highlight photos or artwork on your walls.

3. Install a Starlight Projector

Another way to switch up the lighting in your room is with a starlight projector. This is great for helping you relax before you go to sleep, especially if you choose one with a remote that allows you to change the colours or turn off the projector from your bed. You can also find some models with bluetooth speakers to listen to music as part of your bedtime routine.

4. Use Plenty of Pillows and Blankets

Your bed is the most important place in your apartment. As well as sleeping there at night, it’s where you’ll go to take naps, you may sit on it to study or to curl up with a good book, and you’ll need to use it if you invite several friends over and there’s not enough seating for everyone. Make your bed extra comfy with several pillows and a throw blanket or two. There’s nothing more comforting than snuggling up in a soft blanket when it’s cold outside.

5. Coordinate with Roommates for the Living Room

You can decorate your bedroom however you want, but you’ll be sharing a living room with other students. Involving everyone in the process will help you come up with a cohesive design and ensure you’re all happy with the results. You could even go shopping together for items like a rug, throw pillows for the couch, and pictures for the walls.

6. Add Some Greenery

Plants are great at making your apartment feel more like home. If you know you’ll struggle to keep plants alive, choose options that are easy to care for, such as succulents.

7. Make Your Apartment Smell Like Home

Use candles or a diffuser to bring your favourite scent to your apartment. This is ideal for relaxing or for when you want to remove chemical smells after you’ve finished cleaning.

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