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7 Cheap & Easy Alternatives to Fast Food for Students

April 14, 2023

1. Scrambled Eggs

Although it’s most obviously a breakfast food, you can eat scrambled eggs at any time of day to receive your protein fix. Turn this into a more balanced meal by cooking some vegetables to go on the side. If you’re worried you’ll still be hungry, toast a couple slices of bread or make some grilled cheese.

2. Tomato Soup

Another meal that goes well with grilled cheese is tomato soup. Although you could purchase a can, it’s easy (and much more delicious) to prepare the soup yourself. You just need to throw a couple tomatoes in your blender with some onion or garlic, fry the mixture in a little oil, and then add water with vegetable or chicken stock.

3. Homemade Pizza

If pizza is one of your go-to junk foods, break the habit of ordering it frequently by making your own at home. Spread the basic sauce over a premade crust or pita, sprinkle on some cheese, and use whatever toppings you like. This is a great way to use up small amounts of vegetables you have left over from other meals.

4. Baked Potatoes

Potatoes are inexpensive, filling, and require minimal effort to prepare. Before you put potatoes in the microwave or oven, make sure you poke some holes in them to allow the steam to escape — otherwise, there’s a risk they could explode. Top your baked potatoes with classics like sour cream, cheese, and bacon or experiment with other flavours, including beans, guacamole, and tuna.

5. Tortilla Wraps

You can put virtually anything in a tortilla wrap. Stuff yours with vegetables, cheese, beans, and deli meats. Prepare one whenever you want a change from a sandwich.

6. Casserole

If you prepare a big casserole, you’ll be set for several meals. Throw into a dish some of that tomato soup you made earlier, chunks of potato, vegetables, and meat (such as ground beef). Leave the casserole in the oven until everything is fully cooked.

7. Ramen

When you have almost no time (or energy) to prepare a meal and want to keep costs to a minimum, prepare ramen. It takes just a couple minutes to cook in the microwave.

Keep at least a few packets of ramen in your kitchen at all times for emergencies.
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