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6 Qualities Companies Are Looking For in Recent Grads

May 14, 2024

1. Problem Solving

A majority of employers say it’s very important that candidates be able to solve problems. They want workers who are able to identify potential issues and propose a variety of possibilities to solve them. The good news is most students will have learned problem-solving skills at university — no matter their major. For instance, many of your assignments will have focused on using the knowledge you gained in class to come up with solutions to a novel problem.

2. Teamwork

Almost no jobs require employees to work in complete isolation. Many projects, in fact, require close collaboration with teammates. You may not love group projects while you’re at university, but they prepare you well for the world of work. Other ways you can demonstrate your ability to work in a team include extracurriculars, particularly team sports.

3. Work Ethic

Employers always want to know that candidates will work hard and be responsible. Just the fact you were able to earn a degree shows you have a good work ethic. You can also provide examples of how you were able to balance your time, such as by volunteering, attending your club meetings each week, or holding down a part-time job while studying.

4. Technical Skills

Employers often want candidates to know how to use a variety of general and specialist software. In addition, being able to use formulas in spreadsheets, create basic code, and interpret data is useful. If an employer is looking for particular knowledge you haven’t yet acquired, being a quick learner will be useful.

5. Communication

You’ll see many job posts asking for good communication skills. This is because employers want their workers to be able to express themselves coherently and professionally across a range of mediums, including through email, on the phone, and in meetings. You’ll have developed these communication skills at university by writing papers, giving presentations, and participating in discussions.

6. Analytical Skills

The ability to identify relevant information, evaluate it, and use it to make decisions is valuable in numerous positions. It’s particularly likely you’ve learned to be analytical if you majored in a science or business subject or if you did any research for your degree.

Make sure you’re prepared to join the workforce by developing as many of these qualities as possible while you’re still at university. In addition to developing your abilities in classes and at extracurriculars, you’ll learn important skills by living independently. You can find apartments near Brock University at Regent. You’ll have your own room with an electronic lock in a suite complete with a stainless steel kitchen, comfy living room, and two to three bathrooms (including the option for an en suite washroom). Apply now to secure your spot.

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