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10 Ways to Enjoy Halloween at University (Besides Parties)

October 26, 2022

1. Visit Halloween Attractions

Thrill-seekers will find plenty to do at Halloween. A top choice is a haunted house — find out if your university is organizing a fundraiser to visit one. Other options for Halloween attractions include corn mazes, spooky hiking trails, and haunted hayrides.

2. Try an Escape Room

Many regular escape rooms switch to a Halloween theme at this time of year. Your university may even set up some simple ones on campus — these tend to be much more affordable than commercial escape rooms.

3. Host a Movie Night

If you’d prefer not to go out, invite a few friends over to watch movies and eat snacks. You have many options for Halloween movies, or you could just watch scary movies in general. Alternatively, if someone in the group doesn’t enjoy being scared, you could opt for movies with a fall theme or watch old favourites.

4. Make Spooky Snacks

Another option if you want to have friends over is to prepare some Halloween treats. For instance, you could make chocolate chip spider cookies, blood-red punch, ghoul-shaped cookies, or white chocolate-covered strawberry ghosts.

5. Read Some Scary Books

Put yourself in the mood for Halloween by reading some creepy stories. Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and Thomas Ligotti are all great choices.

6. Tell Spooky Stories

Once you’ve gained some inspiration after reading your favourite horror novelist, why not come up with your own scary story? Host an evening with friends where you compete to see who can come up with the most terrifying tale.

7. Decorate Your Apartment

If your friends are creative types, you may all like to decorate your bedrooms (or even entire apartments) to see who can create the best Halloween space. You can make decorations from scratch or use items from a dollar store as starting points.

8. Carve a Pumpkin

No Halloween decorations are complete without a pumpkin. Buy a big one to carve or paint or make a display of several small ones. After Halloween is over, you can use the pulp to make a pie, soup, or pumpkin bread and roast the seeds for a snack.

9. Dress Up

Whatever you decide to do for Halloween, do it wearing a costume. You can easily throw something together using some old items of clothing you have lying around, things you find in the thrift store, and a few accessories.

10. Organize a Game of Costume Bingo

If you’ll be seeing many people on Halloween night, play a game of costume bingo. Each friend will need a card containing a different combination of costumes — you can download cards or make your own.

You’ll then need to see how many costumes you can spot to gain a line or full house on your card. A good prize for the winner at the end of the night could be Halloween candy.

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