A Guide to Choosing Electives

April 10, 2018 regentWOW

Surprisingly, choosing the right electives can be a difficult task for many university and college students. While a wide array of options might seem like a good thing, it can make the selection process somewhat overwhelming. Make note of the tips below and choose electives that not only interest you but will also add value for the rest of your studies.

Consider Your Interests

It’s no secret that your interests don’t always match your major. But it’s also no secret that many people have an artistic or creative side. Exploring your artistic pursuits is one of the easiest ways to choose electives, and there’s often a wide variety of courses to choose from. Plus, the arts might provide a new perspective on your program and the learning process.

Choose Electives that Augment Your Major

Some electives are designed to augment degree programs. For example, a communications major might take a creative writing course, or a sociology major might take a cultural studies course. These types of electives are designed to expand your professional reach and prepare you for challenges and changes in your career. Additionally, some electives may be required by your degree program, as they can be used to prepare you for future coursework. Keep in mind that many academic areas overlap one another. A complementary elective can even serve as a minor to your major. For instance, you can major in journalism and minor in film.

Branch Out

Taking courses that are outside of your comfort zone can provide you with new, unique skills and expand your realm of knowledge. Overcoming a challenging course can also change the way you interpret and analyze your school environment. A course in liberal arts, for example, can help improve your social skills or challenge your view of yourself, your peers and more. Branching out and challenging yourself with electives could also be a way to discover a new talent or interest.

Don’t Just Choose the ‘Easiest’ Electives

It’s not uncommon for students to seek out ‘bird courses’ or the easiest electives. That said, what one person finds ‘easy’ might not be the same for everyone, and it can be impossible to tell what’s ‘easy’ just from a course description.

Besides, if you choose an elective only because you think it will be easy, the subject matter might not be of interest and you may end up doing poorly in the class just because you’re finding it harder to engage. Even if a class is challenging, you’re more likely to be successful if you’re eager to learn.

Look for Electives that Meet General Education Requirements

Fulfilling general education requirements is a must. When creating your course schedule, look for electives with dual purposes, meaning they count as electives and general education courses. These dual offerings can streamline the course selection process while making it easier for you to meet your program requirements.

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